About Carol

Carol Baxter is a


Mind, Body Wellness Speaker


Television Show Host


Transformational Life Coach

Through Carol’s speaking, television show, and Transformational Life Coaching, she helps stressed out and exhausted women, who are there for everyone else (except themselves!) move from feeling “stuck” and unfulfilled into a life filled with calm, confidence, purpose, and joy.

For more than 10 years, Carol’s helped thousands of women transform their lives with a unique blend of yoga, meditation, visualization, and tapping (EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique); helping them achieve their own personal ZEN and recapture their SOUL GLOW!

Carol has extensive experience in the health and wellness field with credentials that include:

• Owning Glow Yoga Wellness Studios, rated top Yoga Studio 4 years in a row;
Yoga Teacher and Yoga Teacher Training Facilitator for more than a decade;
• Creator of Illuminated Yoga Teacher Training Program;
• Specialization and registered accreditation in Emotional Freedom Technique and;
• The host of her own television show, Stress Free Living with Carol.

Carol’s work and passion is the art of teaching people how to release what creates stress in their lives and ultimately become their own life designer, creating lives that offer abundance, fulfillment, and balance at all levels and lets their SOUL GLOW shine!

“Helping Women Remove Obstacles, Discover Their ZEN and Recapture Their SOUL GLOW!”

My Story

In 2006 I had what many would call a perfect life. I had the successful career, home, and lifestyle however on the inside I was feeling less and less connected with myself. Outwardly I excelled having been in corporate sales for a decade, achieving success and recognition for my results, however inwardly I was falling apart.

I turned to substance abuse and avid socializing to fill the gap that was deepening inside of me. I knew I was hitting bottom when I started having panic attacks. I went through periods of depression and experienced many sleepless nights. I began making up every excuse I could to refrain from going to work. The truth was that I hated my job. I hated the politics. I hated that everyone was so disconnected including myself. I felt I had no time for me. I didn’t know who I was anymore.

And then I began to question, had I every really known? Had I just been going through the motions of life?

Ask And You Shall Be Shown

As the feeling of disconnection deepened inside me, I started talking to the universe. Yes it may sound crazy but this is what I did. One night before bed I asked to be shown what I was supposed to do with my life as I knew I needed to make positive changes. I was yearning to feel better inside. I wanted to feel happy, balanced, and fulfilled.

The next morning when opening the newspaper, an ad for a local Yoga Studio jumped out at me. I felt it was a sign and decided to immediately take a class.

I walked in not knowing, and I walked out feeling pure elation and instant realization. Just one yoga class had given me the experience of connection, mindfulness and balance. Everything that was missing in my life!

The balance and instant connection that I found was the Glow of My Soul.

Yoga had such a profound positive effect I quit my corporate sales job and I became a yoga teacher. I took courses from various industry leaders such as Baron Baptist, Seane Corn and Shiva Rea. I have spent years consuming transformational material and courses all in an effort to deepen my sharing with my students. Through this I recognized other women were feeling the same way I had, unbalanced, unfulfilled and there for everyone but themselves and I wanted to help them.

Today, as a mind body wellness expert and a transformational life coach…

I am blessed to be able to guide clients from experiencing stress and discontent to finding their own inherent blissful way of living! This is my passion, my life fulfillment, and my Soul Glow. Through my coaching method, I have helped thousands of woman access their Soul Glow.

My process is a unique blend of movement, meditation, visualization and tapping (EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique). My work with each client is an exciting energetic partnership. Together we create necessary shifts so that stress is released, new life skills are developed and a master plan to reach your life goals is created and reached. We awaken the deeper inner glow of your soul and connection that is waiting to be brought to life.

Have you reached your Soul Glow?

Are you ready to stop feeling stuck and begin the journey to living a balanced, fulfilled and peaceful life?

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